Flom Credits Recharge Service Agreement

This Flom Credits recharge service agreement (hereinafter referred to as "the agreement") is between you (hereinafter referred to as "user") and Qrios, Inc. and the Qrios entities that offer credits, Flomojis, virtual gifts, virtual spray for sale in your.

Please read this agreement carefully before using the top-up service, especially the content that may be significantly related to your rights and interests. Your use of the top-up service means that you have understood and accepted all the following terms. If you have any questions about this agreement or do not agree with this agreement, please stop recharging and contact us through the methods specified in the agreement.

Flom does not encourage minors to use the recharge service. Minors must operate with the express consent of their guardians or entrust their guardians to operate, otherwise please do not use this recharge service.

Conditions of Purchase

1. Your use of Credits s is at all times subject to the Flom Terms and Policies.
2. To purchase Credits you must meet the following conditions:
a. be a registered user of the Platform;
b. be 18 years old (or the age of majority in your jurisdiction) or older; and
c. be capable of entering into a legally binding agreement.
3. We reserve the right to refuse requests to purchase Credits where we have a legitimate reason (such as when we reasonably believe that you are younger than 18 years of age or that you have violated the Flom Terms and Policies). In addition, we may impose limits on the purchase of Credits for the safety and wellbeing of our users. You will be notified if any such spending limits are applied to you.

Service Rules

1.1 "Credits" is a special virtual value used for consumption on Flom. You can use "Credits" to exchange virtual gifts “Flomojis” or purchase other products or services on Flom: virtual gifts or credits can be rewarded to Flom creators
1.2 Based on the particularity of virtual value and legal regulations. "Credits" shall not be used for purposes other than stipulated by Flom, nor shall "Credits" be traded or transferred to others in any way.
Trading "Credits" between users constitutes a violation of the agreement and Flom has the right to take appropriate measures (including but not limited to freezing user accounts, canceling accounts, etc.) without notifying you.
1.3 Please be sure to use the official recharge method. designated by Flom to recharge for your country. If you use a non-specified or illegal method to recharge. Flom does not guarantee that the recharge will be completed smoothly or correctly.
1.4 If you use the recharge service under this agreement, the relevant payment service will be provided to you by a third party that cooperates with un (hereinafter referred to as "third party payment service).
In addition to complying with this agreement you also need to agree to and abide by the agreements and relevant rules of such third parties. In any case, the disputes. arising from the third party and the services provided by it shall be resolved by you with the third party, and Flom shall not be liable to you or the third party for this. In particular, this third party may need to collect your name, account number, card brand and card number validity period and mobile phone number or other necessary information in order to handle the dispute.
1.5 When you recharge "Credits" through the payment methods supported by Flom (including but not limited to Apple Pay, Google Pay, etc.), there may be fees and other charges. Please pay attention to the prompts on the corresponding recharge or exchange operations pages, understand the charging rules and the relevant expenses to be borne by you.
Users must pay attention to the fees and other fees generated by each recharge payment method which may be different and choose the recharge method that suits their needs.
1.6 Flom advocates rational consumption, please recharge according to actual needs. The account used by the user when recharging must be the account of the owner linked to the payment method which can be used legally without infringing the rights of any third party. Otherwise, if a loss is caused to the actual owner of the payment method, the user shall be solely responsible for resolving the resulting dispute and assume all legal. responsibilities
1.7 When recharging, you must carefully confirm your account and carefully select the relevant. operation options. If you recharge or transfer to the wrong account, choose the wrong recharge type, fill in the wrong recharge amount, etc. due to non-Flom factors such as entering the wrong account or number. Improper operation or ignorance of the recharge billing method, you bear the sole responsibility yourself, and Flom will not refund the fee and will not make any compensation or compensation.
1.8 The rules (including but not limited to the conversion rate) of NGN "Credits" recharge are subject to the rules announced or displayed by Flom when you recharge. Flom has the right to unilaterally change, adjust, suspend or terminate the rules. (including the conversion rate, etc.) You can choose to terminate the purchase immediately, otherwise it is deemed you agree to accept and enter into force, change, adjustment, suspension or termination of the above rules.
1.9 According to the functions of Flom products, the virtual gifts purchased by your recharge account on other products and platforms operated by Qrios, inc (hereinafter referred to as "associated platforms") may be combined and calculated on Flom and the "Credits" purchased by you and have the same scope of use. At this time your use of the associated platform virtual value on Flom is also bound by this agreement (regardless of whether the aforementioned associated platform virtual value is called "Credits" or other names on this platform); otherwise your "Credits" through the above methods If you use it on the associated platform, your use of "Credits" on the associated platform will also be bound by the associated platform recharge agreement and related rules and regulations.
1.10 in order to better provide you with products and services Flom will collect and record the data generated by you recharging "Credits" and using "Credits" in Flom related products or services, including but not limited to your recharging, exchanging Flomojis, virtual gifts, etc. Products or services, super blessing creators, spraying, joining groups, and other behavioral Information generated by using "Credits" in Flom and associated platforms, as well as your account, unsent gifts in your purse, "Credits" "Balance” and other account information.
1.11 The transaction records on Flom will be the only valid basis for "Credits" transactions. After the user recharges, the recharge information should be retained as evidence for checking future problems. If the user complains about the top-up service but falls to provide any valid proof Flom will not make any compensations.
1.12 The user confirms and agrees that if the user voluntarily cancels the account, the "Credits" that the user has recharged into the account, the virtual gifts exchanged, and related rights and interests will be deemed to be automatically waived, and will be handled according to our the cancellation process. Otherwise, Flom will not return the corresponding cash value and no compensation will be made.
1.13 In order to protect your rights and interests. If you recharge credits other than through Apple or Google you can follow the prompts in Flom to apply for a refund within 30 days after the recharge is completed. After a review is completed by our team, we should refund you. Refunds will only be made to the original payment account and amount linked to the account used to recharge. For refund application using Apple/Google recharge, please contact Apple/Google. For refund applications from unofficial recharge channels please contact customer service.
1.14 If necessary, Flom will declare and withhold relevant taxes for you in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations of national, federal and state taxation.

Statement of Rights

2.1 You understand and agree that Flom has the right to set relevant restrictions and reminders related to transactions. from time to time based on considerations of transaction security, operating strategies, Industry practices, etc. including but not limited to transaction limits, transaction times, etc.
2.2 If Flom's own recharge failure causes the user's recharge to be inaccurate and isverified to be true Flom has the right to make the following changes and remedial measures according to the user's recharge situation:
(1) Due to the fault of the Flom recharge system itself, the system recharge amount is less than the user's actual recharge Flom will make up the difference
(2) if the recharge amount of the system is greater than the actual recharge amount of the user due to the failure of the Flom recharge system itself. Flom has the right to recover the difference.
2.3 The user agrees to cooperate with Flom's verification process. If Flom's verification finds that the user has used the "Credits" obtained illegally. Flom has the right to request the user to return the used "Credits" in NGN or USD through legal channels and to compensate Flom for losses suffered. If the user's behavior is suspected of Illegal crimes, Flom has the right to hand user information and report to the local law enforcement
2.4 Under no circumstances shall Flom be liable for any indirect, consequential, punitive, incidental, special damages Flom due to our inability to perform services to you, regardless of the reason. Compensation shall under no condition exceed the fee you paid for using the recharge service provided by Flom.


3.1 You shall be solely responsible for any losses or responsibilities arising from any errors in the recharge service of "Flom" or the provision of "Flom" recharge service and Flom shall not be liable including but not limited to:
(1) Your failure to comply with this agreement or Flom from time to time
(2) Your account being Invalidated, lost, or suspended
(3) Losses or liabilities caused by your linked payment account. Including your use of an unauthenticated account or use of a non-verified account, your own account, frozen account, seized account etc.
(4) Property loss caused by you telling others your account information, PIN, passwords and other information:
(5) Property loss caused intentionally or by gross negligence
3.2 The user agrees to protect and maintain the interests of Flom and other users. If the user violates relevant laws, regulations or the terms of this agreement and causes losses to Flom or other third parties, the user agrees to bear the liability for the resulting damages. Flom takes no responsibility,
3.3 You agree that Flom shall not be liable for damages when you are unable to use Flom's recharge service or lose any of your virtual property due to the following. circumstances, including but not limited to:
(1) System downtime for maintenance and upgrades announced by Flom
(2) Data transmission cannot be carried out due to failure of telecommunications or Internet:
(3) Due to force majeure factors such as typhoon, earthquake, tsunami. flood, power outage, war, terrorist attacks, government regulation etc.
(4) Service Interruption or delay. due to hacker attacks, technical adjustments or failures of the telecommunications, website upgrades and problems with related third parties
3.4 In any case, the responsibility for the relevant services provided by a third party when you recharge "Credits” shall be borne by the third party, and Flom shall not bear any responsibilities.

Liability for breach of contract

4.1 You guarantee that the funds used for the recharge of "Credits" are all your legal income and you have full rights to use them in accordance with this agreement. Any disputes or disputes arising from your violation of this article shall be resolved by yourself and you shall bear all responsibilities and legal consequences arising there from. At the same time. Flom has the right to unilaterally decide to restrict your use of all or part of the recharge "Credits" and to suspend or terminate the provision of recharge service or take further measures on your account; if any losses are caused to Flom you shall make full compensation. In addition, Flom has the right to save relevant information and report to relevant law enforcement/judicial agencies and responsible authorities.
4.2 If you use a recharge method not specified by Flom or other improper methods (including but not limited to violating Flom's rules, exploiting system or rule loopholes, using plug-ins or other cheating programs, etc.) to directly or indirectly recharge your Flom account, acquisition/trading of "Credits", Flomoji, virtual gifts and Flom rewards. Flom does not guarantee that the recharge, Flomojis, gifts, rewards, etc. will be completed smoothly or correctly and may cause other risks. You should deal with it yourself and bear the responsibilities. Flom will not make any compensation. At the same time. Flom reserves the right to suspend some or all of your account permissions and freeze your account balance in the short-term or permanently ban your account and/or prohibit your rights to use various top-up services.
4.3 When using the Flom service if the user violates national laws and regulations, the User Agreement, this agreement or other Flom agreement rules. Flom has the right to ban your account temporarily or permanently. After the account is banned “Credits” will be temporarily frozen or fully deducted and they cannot be used to purchase virtual products or services on Flom. At the same time, the cash value when you purchased "Credits" will not be returned.

Terms of Use for Minors

5.1 In order to protect the online security of minors. Flom prohibits minors from recharging
and spending. It is recommended that you enable the “Appropriate for kids” youth mode when minors between the ages of 13 to 17 are using Flom and at the same time strengthen the restrictions and management of your mobile payment methods. To report gifts, Flomojis, rewards mistakenly sent to minors or mistakenly recharged by minors, please follow the prompts from content flag or feedback to submit proof materials one by one at the (Minor mistaken recharge refund entry. Once verification is completed Flom will refund the amount of the minor's mistaken recharge within 10 working days. If your materials of proof insufficient. Flom Team will notify you by private message within 48 hours. The specific refund process and other rules are subject to the "Refund for Minors” rules.
5.2 If you are a minor under the age of 18, you should read and agree to this agreement together and under the supervision and guidance of your parent or legal guardian and can only use Flom software and related services with the consent of your parent or legal guardian.
5.3 Parents and guardians should properly keep information such as payment accounts and payment passwords, pay more attention to the growth of minors and provide correct guidance to the minors to use this product or service.

Service Change, Interruption or Termination

6.1 Flom can change the service or update the terms of this agreement at any time according to business needs. Once the revised service agreement is published on the page. It will replace the previous service agreement. You can check the latest version of the recharge service agreement at any time through the "Credits” recharge page.
6.2 If the recharge service needs to be suspended due to system maintenance or upgrade Flom will notify users in advance through all possible means.
6.3 In the event of any of the following situations Flom has the right to interrupt or terminate the services provided to you under this agreement at any time without notifying you
(1) The personal information you provide is untrue:
(2) Your breach of this agreement.
(3) You violate the Flom user agreement, terms and conditions and Flom management related agreement rules, etc. In addition to the circumstances mentioned in the preceding paragraph. Flom also reserves the right to interrupt or terminate some or all of the Flom or recharge services at any time without prior notice to users. For any losses incurred by the interruption or termination of recharge services Flom does not need to compensate users or any third party and assumes no liability.

Supplementary Provisions

7.1 Flom has the right to amend this agreement within the scope permitted by law and you will be notified of the revised agreement publicly. If you have any questions about modifying the text or cannot accept all or part of the terms, you can contact us through online customer service. Before you communicate with us, please suspend or log out of the Flom account. If you continue to use it It is deemed that you have accepted the revised agreement.
7.2 The conclusion, execution and interpretation of this agreement and the settlement of disputes shall be governed by Texas.
7.3 Disputes arising from or related to this agreement should first be resolved through negotiation if the negotiation fails, you agree to submit the dispute to Texas Court for litigation.
7.4 All notices under this agreement can be made through important page announcements, emails or regular mail transmissions such notices are deemed to have been delivered to the recipient on the date of sending.
7.5 This agreement is an integral part of other Flom agreements such as the Flom User Terms of Use, Flom Privacy Policyand Flom Community Management Specifications. If this agreement does not provide for it the relevant provisions of the Flom agreement rules apply